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GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 163 – Tom Celebrates His Birthday With Dr. Goldstein

On today’s episode, the boys attempt to begin with cocktails, but get lost in their weekends. The conversation gets heavy due to the inferno at Notre Dame, religion, and Bald Eagles!  Returning from break, we are joined by Dr Evan Goldstein for this month’s installments of “From Top to Bottom & Tales From the Tail”, leading us into a conversation… Read more →

Breezy Moms Podcast – Episode 52 – It_s Our 1 Year Anniversary With Guest Host & BAE James

This week we celebrate our one year anniversary! As a special treat we invited Candice’s husband James to be the host for the night and Candice got to play guest. Using this opportunity to archive a conversation they go down memory lane and talk about their relationship, where they started and how they make it work. The boys are good… Read more →

GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 162 – #MissedOpportunity

On today’s episode, the boys kick it off with weekends and a slew of cocktail ideas. Tom starts with Perez Hilton outing the Sultan of Brunei’s son, following the recent news of the nation’s barbaric Sharia laws, and Chris shares good news from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Returning from break, the Dish continues! Trish hijacks the show shaming an intolerant… Read more →

Cinema Therapy – Episode 15 – From the Mind of Jordan Peele

Who would’ve thought the same comedic talent who gave life to sketches like “Terries” and “Obama/Luther” would create some of the most thought provoking horror films in recent memory? Karen and Nicole survey Jordan Peele’s career, from Second City to Us to find clues of the horror genius within. David Dormon, Nicole’s husband and Jordan Peele Superman, joins us for… Read more →

Breezy Moms Podcast – Episode 51 – I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It with Guest Shari

This week Shari joins us to talk about making a big move to chase opportunity, and how she turned her love of creating into a dream hustle. The boys are good as always and Emory shows out in a fantastic way! The #momsohard tip is actually a #wifesohard tip reminding you to be spontaneous.  Follow Shari’s designs at and… Read more →

GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 161 – A Song of The Whippoorwill With Guest J.C. Allen

On today’s episode, the boys kick it off with weekends and a silly cocktail. Tom starts with news of the governor of Puerto Rico’s executive order outlawing conversion therapy. Trish follows up with the story of a gay couple ordered to remove the Pride Flag flying outside their home, or face eviction. Returning from break, GayTalk welcomes author J.C. Allen… Read more →

Cinema Therapy – Episode 14 – Women Power

Karen and Nicole are closing out women’s history month with an episode on Women Power! Astrologer, witch, actor, writer and creator Cassandra Cushman @thefreakywitch stops by to share goddess vibes with empowering words and affirmations. This episode discusses the women and themes found in “Shrill”, “Pose”, “Captain Marvel”, and “Mad Men”.  Created by: Skye’s Crescent by Jade Zabric Read more →

Breezy Moms Podcast – Episode 50 – Childhood Privacy in the Digital Age with Guest Queenette

This week Queenette joins us to talk about her decision to keep her daughter off of the internet as an act of protecting her daughter’s privacy and distinguishing herself as a person separate from motherhood. The boys are good, Lincoln turns five and the #momsohard tip will remind you to stay ready for any occasion. If you love the show,… Read more →

GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 160 – Who’s Your Candidate?

This week, the boys kick off the show with a promotion, shots, weekends, and cocktails. Moving into the Dish, the episode gets deep with an intense conversation on tragedy, suicide, and gun control both at home and abroad. Returning from break, Tom, Nick, and Chris attempt to reel back the emotions with two uplifting stories. Trish shares the story of… Read more →