GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 134 – The Boys, a Breakdown, and the Dish!

GayTalk 2.0 kicks off the show filled with the past week and Trish is candid about her breakdown.

This week’s DISH brings you a recap of our weekends and our delicious and nutritious cocktail. Jumping in, the boys talk cumrags and cartoons…for the entire first half. Nick/Trish also chats about holding hands and how it can be difficult for the LGBTQ+ individuals to hold tight in normal situations.

Returning from break, we get down to business discussing gay bashing, the upcoming Romanian referendum, a lost activist, as well as hopeful news out of Cuba. Be sure to tune in for some informative and ridiculous conversations! helps bring awareness and raise money, for vital programs and services for homeless LGBT individuals in New York City. Our very own Nick aka Trish, Jess Branas of the Drinks With Jess Podcast, Liz Wiley and Shmo The Intern from The Idiots Radio Show came together to ask of us to show them our best “Duck Face Selfie”.

It’s simple! Snap your best duck face selfie, post it on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and challenge four friends to do the same. Add the following hashtags below and most importantly, donate!


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