GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 139 – Super Gay & Politically Charged

This week’s DISH brings cocktails, weekends, then stories as usual. Tom and Nick once again have to chat about gun violence as we lost 11 of the American-Jewish community who were kill due to a hate-filled terrorist that attacked at a Pittsburgh Synagogue. Meanwhile Sarah “Can’tFuckablyStandHer” says if anyone has an idea of how to end gun violence, she is sure this administration would listen. Tom rounds out the first half of the show talking about how all reference to Transgender Americans was deleted from government websites.

Returning from break, Tom talks about LGBTQ+ Republicans running for office in Connecticut leading to Trish getting on a soapbox that she shares with Tom. Nick closes out the show with a beautiful story about two gay Gentoo Penguins, Sphen and Magic who have officially adopted Sphengic, their own baby chick!