GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 141 – Coming Out On My Own Terms!

On today’s episode, the guys and gals start with the signature cocktail, weekend shenanigans, and Chris’ booboo. Getting down to business, the boys spotlight the “Major Milestones for the LGBTQ Community on Election Day,” highlighting major victories both state and nation wide. Following suit, we dig into the victory over the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Question 3, joined by a true Bay Stater and member of the trans community, Ms. Allyson Hale.

Returning from the break, we are joined by the Architect of the Ass, Dr. Evan Goldstein. We dig into our segment “Tales from the Tail,” discussing a heterosexual man who very much enjoys it in the butt. Unfortunately, one night led to complications, and the need for the doctor. We get down and dirty with an in-depth discussion on the hole, and keeping it tight…enough. Moving on, our guest Allyson shares her incredible story of her transition, bringing the people around her along for the journey, and insight into her time serving this great nation.

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