GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 158 – We’ve Come A Long Way?

This week the boys bring back Meg and jump into the show talking all about their weekend celebrating St. Patricks Day! Meg and Nick recount their crazy day making breakfast shots and bacon snack packs. Tom talks about Martin Shkreli an executive of Phoenixus AG, who is serving time for jacking up the price of medication for children who are unfortunately born with the HIV. Meg tells us all about the alleged Melania Trump Look alike. Who knows what’s fake anymore?

Returning from break, we welcome Dr. Goldstein to chat about Chris’s first anal experience, as well as a tale about the gay communities obsession with SIZE and how some individuals may risk it all for their larger than life obsession. Nick closes out the show with Ben Platt & Cameron Hawthorn’s coming out videos and of course he gets passionate about why no matter who you are…LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE!