GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 160 – Who’s Your Candidate?

This week, the boys kick off the show with a promotion, shots, weekends, and cocktails. Moving into the Dish, the episode gets deep with an intense conversation on tragedy, suicide, and gun control both at home and abroad.

Returning from break, Tom, Nick, and Chris attempt to reel back the emotions with two uplifting stories. Trish shares the story of two young men attending prom together in rural Tennessee, and Chris follows with news of Colorado set to be the 16th state nationwide to ban the torturous practice of conversion therapy on minors. These stories will lead to a heated debate over the looming Democratic primary battle.

Next Week:

We welcome J.C. Allen author of Song of the Whippoorwilla tale, based on a true story, of best friends faced with making the choice of risking a friendship for love. Their choices lead them down paths neither had imagined; leaving one to face the reality of death and the other the possibility of living life without the one they wish to spend their life with. For more information CLICK HERE.