GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 161 – A Song of The Whippoorwill With Guest J.C. Allen

On today’s episode, the boys kick it off with weekends and a silly cocktail. Tom starts with news of the governor of Puerto Rico’s executive order outlawing conversion therapy. Trish follows up with the story of a gay couple ordered to remove the Pride Flag flying outside their home, or face eviction.

Returning from break, GayTalk welcomes author J.C. Allen to discuss his book, “Song of the Whippoorwill.” The conversation hits the heart, brings tears to the eyes, and touches on the complex reality of grief.

Following the emotional conversation with J.C. Allen, Chris sheds light on the archaic anti-LGBTQ laws poised to take effect Wednesday in the southeastern-Asian nation of Brunei.

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