GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 180 – IT’S A MESS!

On today’s episode: GayTalk celebrates beloved cohost Trish’s thirty-somethingth birthday. The show kicks off with a refreshing cocktail creation by Tom, followed by weekends. Tom begins the DISH highlighting Illinois’s school system, Chris shares of progress out of conservative Poland, and Trish gets a story of gay penguins as a present.

Returning from the break, out and proud rapper, artist, songwriter, and podcast host Cazwell joins the show. He’s one half of the new hilarious podcast “IT’S A MESS,” cohosted with trans superstar and former RPDR contestant, Miss Peppermint. We discuss the creation of the podcast, and why it is important for the LGBT community. We talk about his musical career, and how he feels his skin color and sexual orientation actually aided his success, in a genre of music dominated by heterosexual people of color. The fruitful conversation continues touching on time management, the pride flag, trans-awareness, and much more. 

The show closes out with “Mama Kim’s Minute,’GayTalk Term,’ and ‘On This Day in Gay History.'”

It’s A Mess Podcast