GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 183 – Tales From The Tails With Dr. Goldstein

On today’s episode, the boys actually show up! They reflect on their weekend adventure from two weeks ago: seeing and meeting the talented Melissa Etheridge. Sharing the story of their amazing experience, Tom and Trish could not hold back from throwing Chris right under the speeding bus, and Trish shares of her kleptomania. Tom closes the first half with the story of a wedding’s evil threat, that would prove to showcase a mother’s love, and the cowardice of an unknown and worthless sender.

Returning from break, Gaytalk and Dr. G roll back their sleeves and foreskin, and talk uncut cock. The crew dives into this month’s “Tales From the Tail,” focusing on a bottom who loves to take uncut cock, which has led to a physical issue. The conversation gets silly, informative, and slightly hard…but the show does the story justice. Be sure to visit medium.comto read the full tale yourself.