GAYTALK 2.0 – Episode 184 – BOY IN THE HOLE

On today’s episode, the boys begin with their weekend shenanigans. Tom kicks off The Dish with a collective lawsuit against YouTube, sighting discrimination against LGBT podcasts, web-series, and content. This leads to a discussion on the website’s stifling of LGBT stories, as well as the parent company Google’s past of banning certain content. The first half segues into more YouTube talk, highlighting Rwandan gospel singer Albert Nabonibo’s coming out story, on the online video’s platform. GayTalk then digs into the Rwandan constitution: identifying its contradicting articles. 

Returning from break, author Akiva Hersh joins the show to discuss his soon to be released novel, “Boy in the Hole.” The four discuss the main character Jacob, and how he wrestles with life experiences, while the people and beliefs around him attempt to undermine and shame his existence. The conversation touches personal lives, experiences, and the struggle to do away with self-identification, while instead embracing the power to be alone with one’s self.