GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 195 – Tales From The Tale with Dr. Evan Goldstein

On today’s episode, the boys gobble about their Turkey Day, and move into weekends. Tom mentions World AIDS Day, which prompts Chris into the story of the US ambassador to Zambia condemning the nation’s harsh laws and punishments against consensual homosexuality.

After the break, Dr. G returns to the show for this month’s installment of “Tales from the Tail”. The topic of the month is “shit dick”, and how to prepare and prevent the shitty situation. Following TFTT, Tom shifts to the story of the First Congressional Church out of Beloit, WI, and its partnership with Yellow Brick Road to feed members of the LGBTQ+ community whom had no sense nor acceptance of home. The show then gets a bit heated as a conversation over the stigma of HIV/AIDS gets underway. At the end of the day, the members of GayTalk 2.0 love and support our community, its allies, our listeners, and each other. GayTalk episode 195 is one not to miss, be sure to tune in!