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GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 173 – Fact Checked

On today’s episode: it’s all about the dish. Tom kicks it off with a synapses of the series, “POSE.” Chris segways into Kamala Harris’s bill to guarantee coverage for Truvada. Paragraph Returning from the break, Trish shares the story of GoFundMe dropping an anti-LGBT bigot from their service, which leads to a fruitful conversation. Trish tries her best with “Mama… Read more →

GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 172 – Naked Nutrition with Daniel O’Shaughnessy

On today’s episode, the boys start with cocktails, as well as Tom and Chris’ weekends…Trish wasn’t invited. Tom kicks it off with the network Univision and its upcoming telenovela, featuring a gay couple as the show’s lead characters: a first for the hispanic network. Chris transitions the conversation into the fifth South American nation to legalize same-sex marriage, via high… Read more →


On today’s episode, the boys kick it off with weekends and cocktails. The show gets deep with a conversation on acceptability and segregation throughout the LGBTQ+ community, at a time when unity is more important than ever. Returning from the break, GayTalk welcomes author F.E. “Freddy” Feeley and voice actor Vance Bastian. We discuss Feeley’s book “Closer,” which was narrated… Read more →

GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 170 – Hung As A Donut With Guest Host Elci & Dr. G

On today’s episode, Trish is out of studio, the lovely Elci is here with her hung donut, and Tom and Chris couldn’t be happier! The cast kicks off the show sharing their past week’s craziness. On the first half, Tom shares our newest segment, “Pride Icon Spotlight,” which highlights notable activists from the Stonewall uprising to present day. Returning from… Read more →

Cinema Therapy – Episode 19 – Fuck, I’m Old

Nicole’s Birthday is next week and she’s turning THIRTY! We’re celebrating this milestone by discussing film/tv that explores the 30s experience. Whether you’re 35 and thriving or approaching your 30s with dread, we consider all we can learn from characters who are trying to make the most of their 30s. Candice Dormon, host of the Breezy Moms Podcast and Nicole’s… Read more →