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Breezy Moms Podcast – Episode 86 – Corona Week 2 – Emergency Survival Kit

FEMA has great information at where you can find an emergency kit list and a ton of other helpful information. Don’t stress, and don’t feel bad if you don’t already have a kit. But, DO use this time to get prepared.  It’s Lincoln’s birthday, the boys are great and the #momsohard tip will help save you a few dish… Read more →

Breezy Moms Podcast – Episode 83 – Ekow Body, Let Nature Protect and Nourish You

It’s the end of February and we are winding down black history month feeling excited and encouraged by the positive contributions black people have, and continue, to make in our world. The boys are amazing and I’m thrilled to introduce Ekow Body, my new all natural skin care line. Check it out at If you love the show, please… Read more →

Breezy Moms Podcast – Episode 82 – Make Noise If You Need To with Guest Joanie

I keep talking with girlfriends and finding out that we are all dealing with some grown up stuff. Cause for real, we are all the way grown. Tonight learn about a fertility issue that affects more people than you think. More importantly, we discuss standing up for yourself even when it feels like people aren’t listening. The boys are doing… Read more →

Breezy Moms Podcast – Episode 81 – My Reflection Matters with Guest Chemay

I’m so interested in homeschooling, I jump at the chance to learn more from families who are thriving doing it! Tonight we meet a homeschooling mom who started a homeschool cooperative in Waterbury. So stick around. Tonight we are joined by a mom who has been homeschooling for four years and started a homeschool cooperative when she couldn’t find one… Read more →

Breezy Moms Podcast – Episode 78 – Stay the Course with Guest Kati Vaughn

Sometimes you just want to quit, but tonights guest reminds us to stay the course with some healthy real life strategies to get through. The boys are good and I made it through three days moming on my own. To find out more about Kati’s coaching work visit If you love the show, please rate and review on your… Read more →