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Cinema Therapy – Episode 37 – “My Favorite Movie Genre is Sandra Bullock”

She’s beauty and she’s grace, but she’s also a witch, a sister, a mother, an ambitious law student, a survivor, and so much more. She’s Sandra Bullock! Tonya, a spatial data scientist, military veteran, and movie lover joins this episode of Cinema Therapy to convert Nicole and Karen into Sandra Bullock devotees. Episode 37 explores and revisits classic Sandra Bullock films such as A Time… Read more →

Cinema Therapy – Episode 35 – Black Joy

This week we are celebrating Black joy! After nearly four seasons of Insecure, we’vewatched a cast of diverse Black characters navigate romantic relationships, friendships, family, career, self love and growth! Guests Joy Anderson and Kevin Coleman bless Episode 35 of CINEMA THERAPY to discuss Season 4 of Insecure. Is Molly and Issa’s friendship on its breaking point? Are you Team Lawrence or Team Nathan? Tune into… Read more →

Cinema Therapy – Episode 33 – “Welcome to the Family”

Leave your guns and take your cannolis – Cinema Therapy has invested 9+ hours to the Italian Mafia! This week, Nicole and Karen discuss iconic films The Godfather, The Godfather: Part ll, and Goodfellas. Guests Micah Kanters and Tiye Kinlow join us as we weigh our personal philosophies against the Corleone family values. Tune in, this episode is an “offer you can’t refuse.”   Rate, Subscribe… Read more →

Cinema Therapy – Episode 32 – The Joy of Cooking

Has the Coronavirus era made a cook out of you? Your Cinema Therapy co-hosts are making themselves home in the kitchen and turning to food-related media to make sense of it all! Join us as we dive into the film Julie & Julia, the documentary series Cooked, and the documentary series Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. Hunter Zuli, chef, educator, community organizer and founder of BLK PALATE, is our guest… Read more →

Cinema Therapy – Episode 21 – High School Reunion Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Cinema Therapy’s High School Reunion! This week we considered the themes explored in Euphoria and Sex Education. Carl Alvarez, one of our closest high school friends, joined us as we asked ourselves whether we were squares, if our sex education classes were sufficient, and discussed how we can best prepare the next generation as they enter adulthood.  Please listen,… Read more →

Cinema Therapy – Episode 20 – High School Reunion Part 1

Welcome to our intimate High School Reunion! We didn’t make it to our class’s reunion in 2017, so we decided to make one of our own. Our guest, Carl Alvarez, joined us as we examined our high school experience with new perspective. We consider the themes explored in Glee and Booksmart and ask – What were our high school reputations? What labels stuck with… Read more →