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Cinema Therapy – Episode 19 – Fuck, I’m Old

Nicole’s Birthday is next week and she’s turning THIRTY! We’re celebrating this milestone by discussing film/tv that explores the 30s experience. Whether you’re 35 and thriving or approaching your 30s with dread, we consider all we can learn from characters who are trying to make the most of their 30s. Candice Dormon, host of the Breezy Moms Podcast and Nicole’s… Read more →

Cinema Therapy – Episode 15 – From the Mind of Jordan Peele

Who would’ve thought the same comedic talent who gave life to sketches like “Terries” and “Obama/Luther” would create some of the most thought provoking horror films in recent memory? Karen and Nicole survey Jordan Peele’s career, from Second City to Us to find clues of the horror genius within. David Dormon, Nicole’s husband and Jordan Peele Superman, joins us for… Read more →

Cinema Therapy – Episode 14 – Women Power

Karen and Nicole are closing out women’s history month with an episode on Women Power! Astrologer, witch, actor, writer and creator Cassandra Cushman @thefreakywitch stops by to share goddess vibes with empowering words and affirmations. This episode discusses the women and themes found in “Shrill”, “Pose”, “Captain Marvel”, and “Mad Men”.  Created by: Skye’s Crescent by Jade Zabric Play in… Read more →