GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 218 – We Have PRIDE Thanks to Riots & Protest!

On today’s episode, we kick off the conversation with the current situation surrounding the death of George Floyd and the protests that have followed this tragic event. We as a community must support POC in their fight to simply live without fear or being subjected to the brutality we have seen at the hands of those sworn to serve and protect.

Returning from break, we slam Betsy DeVos and the ultimatum she has given the State of Connecticut in where she threatens federal funding if our local government refuses to ban transgender athletes in school sporting events. We then shift the conversation highlighting how critical it is for governments and others to stop using phony science to justify transphobia and we wrap up the DISH with the upcoming show “Love, Victor” which is set to premiere its first episode on June 19th, 2020 on HULU. We wrap things up with Mama Kim’s Minute, our “GayTalk Term” & On This Day On Gay History. 

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