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GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 228 – A Gay Man’s Guide to Life with Guest Britt East

On today’s episode, the boys kick it off with weekends. The conversation leads to a discussion on the prospects of the New Haven Pride Center, as well as Chris’ tummy issues.

Returning from break, GayTalk 2.0 welcomes author Britt East to the show to discuss his first publication, “ A Gay Man’s Guide to Life.” His book is both a memoir, as well as a personal growth development manual. The conversation covers mistakes, humility, and resilience. Trish closes the show on a happy note, with non-other than lesbian penguins! Tom takes this week’s GayTalk Term, and Chris shares this week’s On This Day in Gay History, as Trish breaks the glass ceiling of Kinsey’s 6 point scale.