GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 245 – TFTT: New Year, New A** with Guest Dr. Evan Goldstein

Chris is BACK! On the first half of today’s show we do a quick check in and jump into stories. Tom talks about Gay male hockey player Brock McGillis becoming a gay game changer. Chris Talks about an amazing COVID engagement that brought Trish to tears. Tom close’s out the segment highlighting his disappointment with reckless NYE parties, including a capsizing boat.

Returning from break, the boys welcome Dr. G back to the show for this month’s installment of Tales from the Tail. The fabulous butt doctor talks about how both bottoms and tops can prepare themselves for a new year of sexual exploration. The group talk fistulas and fissures, abscesses and skin tags, hemorrhoids and irritation, bleaching and hair removal; all the “need to knows” allowing us all to enjoy dick ’til we die!