GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 247 – Grown Folks Are Back!

On today’s episode it’s all about The Dish! Tom kicks it off with President Biden’s reversal of the discriminatory transgender military ban, effective immediately. This continues into Biden’s bold moves to bring rights back to the LGBTQ+ community, many within the administration’s first days. The boys go on to showcase Bernie and his Inaugural fashion hit, Pete Buttigieg poised to make history, as well as inclusive U.S. embassies worldwide. 

As the show continues, unleash the cursive! Trish mentions our First Lady’s visit to the Whitman-Walker HIV/AIDS clinics in Washington D.C. showing how this administration will not leave the LGBTQ+ community in the lurch. The show takes a somber turn as GayTalk honors the passing of American/LGBTQ+ hero Mark Bingham’s mother, Alice Hoagland, which Tom then dedicates tonight’s show to. Trish brings it home with more gay penguins and their adorable hatchling.