GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 274 – The All New Play-Biotic with Guest Dr. Evan Goldstein

On the first half of today’s show the boys talked about their weekends together. Going out to see GAG Reflex, a local comedy show and the boys realize going out  it’s not that same after a certain age, when you have to wake up the next day. Tom moves us into a conversation about our local PRIDEFest begging this week and  we chat about all the ways you can support the New Haven Pride Center as well as access the events. Nick closes out the first half with an update on the Buttigieg family welcoming two new members. 

On the second half of the show we welcome Dr. Evan Goldstein to chat about a new an exciting product that just hit the market. Butt & Gut Daily Pre + Probiotic The unique dietary supplement that supports a balanced booty biome. From top to bottom, this prebiotic + probiotic blend optimizes healthy digestion in sexually active booties. We close out the show as per usual, see you next week with Ed Decker and the new podcast In Good Company.