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GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 300 – Author Hans M. Hirschi Has a New Book & We Have The Scoop!

On the first half of today shows the boys talk about taxes and their weekends. Nick was talks about working all weekend and being unprepared/running late for todays show. Jae talks about his weekend as a bachelor. Tom talks about his nerves regaruding going back to the office tomorrow. Tom closes out the first half highlighting a new upcoming Netflix series “Fire Island Pines”.

Returning from break, we welcome our good friend and author Hans M. Hirschi to dish on his latest release, Michel, Fallen Angel of Paris. We are also joined by the voice behind the audio book, Narrator , Michael Bakkensen. We wrap up the show with “Mama Kim’s Minute”, “On This Day In Gay History” and much more!